Val Lorentz


I am a backend software engineer working at Software Heritage, a non-profit building the universal source code archive.

In my free time, I work on Free Software and open protocols, especially the IRC protocol and its implementations.
In particular, I am the lead developer of Limnoria, a full-featured IRC bot based on Supybot.
I am the editor of the Modern IRC Specification, I occasionally write specifications for IRCv3, and I maintain the irctest test suite.

I also host an open Mastodon instance:


vlorentz.isometry@eu (swap . and @).
My GPG key is 3790 43E3 DF96 D323 7E67 82AC 0E08 2B40 E437 6B1E
Instant Messaging
I am val on Ergo.Chat/Libera.Chat/OFTC/RezoSup (IRC), on Matrix, and on XMPP.
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